In light of a recent email that I received, I felt it was necessary to explain my motives for how I build my Black Templars armies (or any army for that matter) and how I run Implausible Nature.  It seems this is a continuing topic of conversation, though most of the time it players is poking fun, some people are genuinely angry with the way I handle the BT codex.

You could just read my Site Primer to get the gist of what I'm going to say here, but repetition is the key to ensuring information is retained.  So I'll do it again.

Just a quick update to let ya'll know that everything has been corrected and updated with all the necessary information relevant to the new BT FAQ.  With the sole exception being Marshal Wilhelm's unit guide analysis articles.  I'm leaving them as is for now, but I'm considering removing the non-applicable sections.  I'll decide later.  With that being said, if you find any information that is obsolete, please let me know as soon as possible so I can correct the issue.  Thanks!  :D

So what's on tap?  I'm not going to lie, the BT FAQ update really threw a wrench in all of my update plans.  So that means I have to still finish this month's updates (DE Codex Review & Mech All-Comers 'How To').  Also, I've got a couple of emails that I need to answer.  One of which involves potential material for Implausible Nature.  I also have a few article drafts just waiting to be published, but I want to space out the updates a bit.  One of those is the list analysis for the only Black Templars player to attend Nova Open.  I also need to get that review done of Fritz40k's BT tactics videos/PDF.  Far too many people are emailing me and claiming things work "because Fritz said so."  I guess that's what internet popularity does for you.

To be completely honest, I lucked out with this FAQ update, as I simply was running out of material to write about.  Without emails or questions, topic material gets repetitive real quick for an older codex like ours.  The new FAQ has given me some new things to talk about, as well as new list building possibilities.

I decided to restart the 'A Crusade in 61 Days' painting project on Febraury 1st.  It wasn't an easy decision, as I feel like I'm cheating, but all the models that I painted are no longer in the army I'm bringing to Nova, so I didn't feel like I could finish everything in time.  Barring a surprise codex re-release in the next two months, the show is going on no matter what happens.  If something else happens, I'll just take it in stride and go with it.

I've got a game tomorrow night with my new gunline list.  It'll be the first time using it in the new configuration, so we'll see how it performs.  I'll do my best to ensure that a battle report is done for it, complete with photos of my proxied models (remember, I have to build/buy a bunch of crap now!).

That's it for now.  Have a great night everyone!  :D
I posted this list a bit ago, but over the course of the past few weeks I've been playing with it a bit.  And let me tell you, wow.  Its pretty nasty.  Keep in mind, its only faced local lists but they are relatively competitive.  This means the list hasn't been put up against the "internet" yet.  lol!  So take that as your warning.  Even still, I really like how the list plays and feels.  Has lots of character, though its not 100% how I'd like to play the Dark Eldar (lots of Incubi!).  But its close, so I can deal.  ;)

Anyway, here it is:

* Baron Sliscus [105]
* Haemonculus w/ Liquifier Gun and Webway Portal.  [95]
* Haemonculus w/ Liquifier Gun and Webway Portal.  [95]

* 3 Kabalite Trueborn w/ 3 Blasters. Mounted in a Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons. [146]
* 3 Kabalite Trueborn w/ 3 Blasters. Mounted in a Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons. [146]
* 3 Kabalite Trueborn w/ 3 Blasters. Mounted in a Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons. [146]

* 15 Hellions w/ Hellglaives.  [240]
* 10 Kabalite Warriors w/ 1 Dark Lance.  Mounted in a Raider w/ Dark Lance.  [175]
* 10 Kabalite Warriors w/ 1 Dark Lance.  Mounted in a Raider w/ Dark Lance.  [175]
* 4 Wracks. Mounted in a Raider w/ Dark Lance.  [100]
* 4 Wracks. Mounted in a Raider w/ Dark Lance.  [100]

Fast Attack:
* 6 Reaver Jetbikes w/ 2 Heat Lances.  [156]

Heavy Support:
* Talos Pain Engine w/ TL-Heat Lance and Chain-Flails.  [120]
* Talos Pain Engine w/ TL-Heat Lance and Chain-Flails.  [120]
* Cronos Parasite Engine w/ Spirit Syphon and Close Combat Weapon.  [80]

Total Points:  [1999]

So in a nutshell, the list works like so.  Using Baron's ability to get a bonus to your roll to go first, chances are good that you will.  At which point, you deploy the Warriors (Raiders stay in Reserve) and the Wracks with an attached Haemonculus each.  They blow straight at the enemy and drop their WWP (yes this means they get out of their Raider), while the 4 Dark Lances on the table shoot at any transports available.  Weather the return fire, but really, at this point it doesn't matter.  Unless they are super maneuverable, they aren't getting away. 

Once your reserves come in, you'll bring on a Baron-led Hellion squad, 2 Talos, a Chronos, and a Reaver squad through the WWP.  The other stuff will come on from the board edge and its GG.  You're probably in charge range at this point for everything, and if you aren't, you will be very soon.  Its pretty much slaughter at this point.  Of course, this is a very general tactical outlook but the moral of the story is that you've brought massive threat straight into your opponent's face that they have to deal with or get annihilated.  This pretty much leaves the rest of your force to do whatever they want.  And ignoring Trueborn units in Venoms are probably not a good idea.  ;)

Tell me what you think.  How would you beat it knowing how it will run (in a nutshell)?  For you DE inclined, any improvements you can see?  I've pretty much optimized it as best as I can, but maybe I'm missing something.  If you use the list in battle, let me know how it goes for you.  :D
Email:  I am relatively new to the game over all and find myself enjoying the Codex Marines (Mantis Warriors), but not thrilled by them. Ive always been a fan of the BTs and Finally convinced myself to give them a shot. I like how your explanations map out your reasons behind each unit choice, well done.
My biggest questions are as follows...

Why not field one Crusader Squad in a DP in your large list? IT seems to me the 8I 2N squad would benefit greatly from the mobility of a drop pod.

What is the justification for not fielding a LS with HB and AC? I have used that config in nearly every game thus far and the mobility has allowed me more than one objective won while still kicking through side and rear armor.

Also, why the lack of love for Assault Squad? I have found them nearly invaluable in my Codex list and the Vows combined with a Marshal on the board would make them extremely durable. (With Codex Marines Ill include a Chaplain w/JP to get those re-roles and Power weapon)

I will wholly admit my lack of experience, but these are my thoughts. I look forward to your feedback and am very excited to build my BT list.

Reply:  Hello!

I was going reply sooner, but then the new BT FAQ hit so I've been distracted with that the past week or so.  Anyway, on to your questions!

1) The mobility gained from the drop pods are a one time use thing.  Once they land, the unit loses whatever mobility they had gained.  This can potentially leave them out in the open or away from the action if your opponent is maneuverable enough.  Generally speaking, unless they have ranged weaponry that is relentless (dreadnoughts, terminators), it isn't worth bringing in a couple of drop pods to the list.  It really is go all out or nothing.  Rhino's are much better suited to providing mobility as they can both provide protection for an embarked unit or redeploy if necessary.

2) I don't take the HB/AC Land Speeder because its too expensive for what it does.  It's primary goal is to take out infantry and if its lucky, it can knock out vehicles if you get some side/back armor shots as you mentioned.  However, the MM/HF Land Speeder kills vehicles well from any armor face and armor value and the Heavy Flamer is excellent at destroying mobs of infantry.  Alternatively, the newly buffed Typhoon-Pattern Land Speeder can lay down loads of AT fire support from long ranges and has enough firepower to hurt infantry as well if needed.  All while at a very safe distance from your opponent.  I prefer efficiency in my Land Speeders and the ones I listed do it better in my opinion, and they are cheaper points wise.  :)

3) I dislike Assault Squads because they are not durable and don't provide the fire support a Land Speeder can, for much less points.  A basic 5-man Assault Squad with dual-plasma pistols, MB, and Powerfist is rocking 145 points.  That's two Land Speeder Typhoons.  In addition, they really aren't all that strong in close combat, even with an attached IC.  A normal Crusader squad is just as strong, but for less points and is scoring.  On top of that, Assault Squads are extremely vulnerable to shooting of any kind and 3+ saves will not save the unit for long against focused firepower (which is what they will receive).  If they were cheaper points wise and had more options available to them (like what the Blood Angels have), they would be an option for me.  Until that point, I believe Land Speeders fill a much needed hole in our lists.

So hopefully that gives you a little bit of insight on my decision making process and answers your questions.  If you feel that I inadequately addressed them, just let me know and I'll try to explain it better.  And of course, feel free to message me if you have any further questions.  Good luck with your army!
Just letting ya'll know, I'm working on some CC-oriented lists for ya'll.  I know that I've gained a bad reputation as the only guy that will take a CC-oriented army and give them guns, but you have to understand WHY I do it.  If I could be ultra-competitive running them that way, I'd be happy to.  Its why I came to the Black Templars 10 years ago.  So, I'm going to go over some lists and try to make a CC list as competitive as I can considering our new FAQ.

Speaking of which, I'm nearly finished with updating the BT 101 guide.  Mainly, I have to update the portions of it having to do with the Mechanized All-Comers list.  I'm not entirely sure how I want to change the list yet, so it'll be done last.

Also, the fact that Stelek ripped off the core of my gunline list (here or here), then claimed it as his own annoys me.  I've always given him credit for his lists, don't you think its fair to do the same?  Especially after ranting and raving about that exact same thing about a year and a half ago?  I know he reads Implausible Nature on occasion, because he's talked about it before.  Its bad form in my book.
Editors Note:  Reposted via Redhat88 on B&C.

"I just found this on the Dawn of War 2 website. It would appear as though Relic is bouncing around new ideas for either a brand new game, or a current 40k property already being worked on.

Currently the Templars are leading the poll, but those bastard Wolves aren't far behind.

Help defend out honor as the premier chapter of the Imperium brothers!


**Please note: You need to register on their forums in order to vote, it takes barely a minute to do so**"
I know this has been done to death already, but I've gotten quite a few emails wondering why I've not done one yet.  So I suppose I'll take the time to do my own review of the changes and clarifications we received in this latest FAQ document.  Alright, first I'll start with the clarifications. 

The first clarification is in reference to the ATSKNF regroup movement.  There has been some question whether or not Space Marines were able to move the 3" after regrouping and still be able to move normally in the movement phase.  GW decided that they were able to do so.  Most people I know already played it this way, so not a big deal here.

Next up, we have a question on whether or not the Techmarine's twin-linked plasma pistol on the servo-harness gives an extra attack in close combat.  Unlike the previous FAQ edition where the answer was yes, GW came back around and decided that it would NOT give an extra attack.  Again, not a big deal to most BT players.
As expected, the time required to update the website is huge.  While I've love to spend all my time doing this, my "presence" in the blog-o-sphere is also required.  With the flurry of posts, videos, and renewed interest in the Black Templars, I've had to devote time to those needs as well.  I don't feel like I'd be a good community member if I sat here silent, while all the buzz was occurring. 

On the other hand, it does reinforce my opinion that both Kirby and Stelek aren't 100% on how the Black Templars army works now, nor how it ran pre-FAQ.  Don't get me wrong, both provide excellent analysis and tactical information in relation to the BT, but neither can be held as authorities on the army.  So take their advice as it is, advice.  Fortunately, in Kirby's case, he has an excellent resource in Brother Loring to assist him.  :)

Which brings me to my next minor qualm:  the commonly held opinion that pre-FAQ, the Black Templars were terrible.  This drives me nuts.  I would gladly take my pre-FAQ competitive BT armies against anything they would put on the board and give them a damn challenging game.  I might lose, but my opponent will have to work real hard for it.  That opinion simply is not true.  I think all of these 5th Edition codices have people spoiled.  Players simply seem to not have the ability to think critically and create optimized lists out of sub-optimal codices anymore.  Go back a year and a half, and this wasn't the case.  :/

Anyway, here is what has been updated thus far on Implausible Nature:
  • Updated my BT Gunline and Defensive Drop Pod lists.
  • Updated the BT 101:  Building Competitive 5th Edition Lists articles (i.e. Gunline/Drop Pods).
  • Updated the Black Templars codex review.
  • Updated the generic "How To" tactica on BT Drop Pods.  Note: this is not the same one as the Defensive Drop Pod "How To" article (that's coming).
Remaining things that need to get done:
  • Review the BT 101 guide and update any information relevant to the new FAQ.
  • Update my comments on both Bigdunc and Marshal Wilhelm's unit analysis articles.
  • Review the Defensive Drop Pod "How To" article to ensure it has accurate army lists and tactical information.
  • Touch up my Mechanized All-Comers list and the respective articles in the BT 101 guide.
  • Finish off this month's updates: DE codex review and the "How To" on my Mechanized All-Comers list.
Lastly, as I mentioned in a recent post, I was postponing the "A Crusade in 61 Days" painting project a week to account for the BT FAQ.  I already implemented this on the page, but today I thought about it more and would like your guy's/gal's opinions on what to do.  Here is the issue:  I spent nearly two weeks of painting time on units that aren't even in the Gunline army any longer (Dreadnought, IST Rhino, 3x MM/HF Land Speeders). 

So I figure I have two options.  First, I continue as planned on the 21st with the allotted remaining time and do the best I can in the project.  Or I can postpone the project until February 1st and restart the whole thing, considering I've got an entirely new army list to paint up.  This would allow me time to buy the necessary missing pieces and assemble them.  Let me know what you think and I'll decide what to do based on that.  Thanks in advance!  :)
There is an unexpected (though I should have foreseen this) byproduct of the sudden popularity the BT FAQ buff has given us.  One that I cannot easily correct myself.  I feel Stelek-y right now and it makes me groan.  But all of these returning players to the army and bloggers who think they are experts on all armies (there are a couple of big name guys that come to mind), don't actually know anything about the army or how it plays.  And people are listening to them because they have the big fancy blogs and titles!  It makes me hurt a bit inside to see lists being built that is bringing everything that our community has worked for (to teach competitive army building to BT players) to a screeching halt.  I can see the gear being thrown into reverse...

Even WITH these unexpected changes to the codex, it doesn't change the core of the army.  Certain types of builds are more effective than they were, as a result of the new FAQ, but they still aren't competitive.  Without a complete re-haul of the codex, we're stuck with the same Pros and Cons that we've always had.  However, that doesn't mean that things aren't changing a bit.  Several of our most successful builds got a whole lot better than they were.  There are more options than before, which is never a bad thing.  What we were doing before was the right path, lets not waver from it.

So basically, this is a call out to the competitive BT community.  We need to get our asses in gear here and right this ship ASAP.  Or the past few years will have gone to waste.  In this case, experience does matter.  If you see something that doesn't work or a list that is complete bunk, and they are claiming it to be the next big thing to tournaments since personal hygiene, well...crack the whip and let them have it.  Or even if you catch someone giving false, unsupported, or flawed information out:  fix it.  Our community doubled in size overnight and I intend help do my part to ensure it stays "good".  Its not just me, and I hope I'm not the only person that see's that this is a potential issue.

Because the BT community had a huge bomb dropped on us in the form of a new FAQ, which pretty much gave us options we never had...the painting project is being put on hold until the 20th of January.  I'm going to add a week to the end of this project date to account for this.

There are a couple reasons for this.  First and foremost, Implausible Nature needs to be updated with the current rules and information that resulted from the FAQ release.  Ensuring accurate tactics, army lists, and information is more important that getting my army painted, especially with the growing number of people who are daily readers of the website.  Helping others succeed with the Black Templars is the number one goal of IN, so I think painting can wait a few days.

Second, the new FAQ has made my previous gunline army obsolete.  While I've finished updating the list itself, I don't have the models necessary to complete the army.  I have to acquire a box of tactical terminators, as well as bits for another cyclone missile launcher.  In addition, I need to buy another three Land Speeders, as I didn't think I was ever going to use the Typhoon pattern...but since GW neglected to up the price of the newly updated weapon rules, its going into pretty much all my lists.  :D

Finally, I'm as excited as everyone else about this new FAQ.  That means I want to play around and try to come up with new lists myself.  If I have to sit here and paint all day, then I can't do that.  So ya'll are going to have to understand.  :)