Made a few changes on the Tyranid Codex review based on some suggestions from readers and from watching quite a few more Nid games.  Some of the quite significant.

Second, I took the test all-comers list for the Black Templars off the army list page.  In play testing, the list performed below my expectations and I don't want anyone using a sub-par/underachieving BT list if I can help it.  :D

Thats it for now.  Vacation time!
So I was doing some testing on some paint schemes for my Dark Eldar last night, after I finished up what I wanted to on my Black Templar models.  I've come to the conclusion that the purples will be too hard to work with and don't give enough color differentiation from the black undercoat for my tastes.  Its unfortunate, Warriors are just too plain for what I had in mind for it to work.  But I'm glad I tried it before I got all excited about the scheme.

Thus, I mauled one of my warrior models to have several different schemes on it (6 to be exact).  One on each leg, one on each arm, one on the head, and one on the weapon.  The one I decided to go with is a Regal Blue with accenting golden detailing.  I've not decided if I like the washes on that color, but I'll update you as I get a more exact scheme done and will post up an example model to show it.  :)
First off, I have added an excellent blog to my links page for your viewing pleasure.  The Famous Orcboy plays primarily Tau and Sisters of Battle, but he has a very level head on his shoulders and his tactical advice is second to none!  Additionally, he had Implausible Nature linked to his blog for some time without my asking so its only fair that I return the favor.  In homage to Orcboy, I've also included my version of his scorecard on my site here.  Much thanks to him!  :D

The Tyranid codex review is finally up.  I sincerely apologize to those that have been waiting for it.  Time has definitely been against me as I mentioned in a previous post.  If I come across any specific power builds that makes some of the units better, I'll adjust the review accordingly. 

Also, GW has made several changes to FAQs for 40k.  The main two are for Orcs and the main rulebook.  The primary change for the Orc FAQ states that when ramming a vehicle, the Deffrolla provides 1D6 Str 10 hits on the vehicle and if the vehicle explodes, the Orc vehicle continues moving.  After which, the Orcs may then jump out and assault any survivors of the ramming (if it was a transport).  This might be ridiculously overpowered, but the Orcs don't have much else going for them.  I applaud GW for this ruling.  The rulebook FAQ change answered 5 questions, but the important one states that no psychic power may ever affect a unit in a closed-top transport.  I believe this will be a lead in for Doom of Malan'Tai's Spirit Leech ability, which most of the community anticipated.

I've also made some changes to the site, as veteran visitors might well discover.  Many of the new pages are not currently finished, but I wanted to show them in the navigation to show the kinds of things I plan on getting up for people in the coming months.  One of the first ones to be updated will be a BT battle report and a DE gallery.  I will try and get some additional fluff written for both of my armies this next month, but I cannot guarantee this will happen as of yet.  I do have a week off where I'm going home to visit the folks, so I'll have some free time on my hands to where I can get some stuff up.

CO7 is quickly approaching.  With the deadline looming (as well as 'Ard Boys 2010), I feel I'm behind schedule on my painting.  I'm going to be devoting some good chunks of time to these projects over the next month so that I can get caught up, so please don't fret if you don't see active updates in March (after the March 1st update).  February 1st should have some good photos posted up, as well as a few more battle reports.

I'd also encourage you to read the "Know Thy Enemy" article series by Darwinn69 on YTTH.  He has done 3 thus far ('Pure' Grey Knights, Standard Space Marines, and Ranged Mechdar) and will be continuing to write them for the foreseeab future.  Excellent analysis on how to adapt your armies to beat particular enemies in 5th Edition.  Go check them out.
A note to all:  If you've bookmarked this site (and I thank you kindly for it!), please update to the new Implausible Nature URL .  A real url has been long overdue and I'm happy to finally have purchased one for this site.  Lets hope that this site flourishes!  Thanks much for your support!  :D

Unfortunately, this last month has been out-of-my-mind crazy busy for me.  Doing some re-painting of all of the rooms in the house, along with pulling nearly 40 hour work weeks with a full time class schedule (17 credits) at the University.  I've found that I've had barely any time to think, let alone update my site.  :(

But alas, I've got a free evening tonight after this morning's work shift.  So I'll be putting up the Nid codex review (as its nearly done), some additional pics of my Black Templars painting, and hopefully post up some current tactics for use with the Black Templars by Monday night.  I'll also try and get up the battle report for a game I played against a Space Marine Kantor list.

I've also decided to stick with the Dark Eldar.  They're starting to get a few new kits being produced over at GW (Ravager) so I'm hopeful that a summer-fall release date will happen.  I should be completely done with my BT army by then and it'll be nice to get my hands on some new toys.  There is also talk of the BT being re-released before the end of the year as well, so should be pretty exciting year for me!  :)