I'm considering attending the inaugural "future" GT hosted by The Source Comics and Games here in Minnesota.  Its not a GT, as it was a last minute idea supposedly, but it should still draw 60 players.  Which means, lots of chances for good games for me.

There are things I don't like about this tournament, even more so than the Dark Star GT.  The main one is having to do with the "rerolls".  This can single-handedly unbalance the game.  It can destroy a masterfully played game by a skilled general.  Like the Dark Star GT, I'm unhappy about the large portion of the scores that Sportsmanship plays into and the fact that INAT is being used.  And I would prefer if the missions were released early!

Anyway, if you click the "Read More", you can read more about the tournament itself.




So, as you can see, I'm still here.  I've not really "gone" anywhere, but haven't really been motivated to do anything.  Deaths of two of my closest friends and one family member (extended) in a span of a few weeks kind of does that to you.

My apologies for the lack of email responses, as well as the blog posts I had planned.  I cannot guarantee when they will be, as I'm only just now starting to get the tingle to start getting to work again.  I'll do what I can to put them out as soon as I can.

I guess that is why I started this website as a repository of information, rather than a blog.  For situations like this.  Even with my absence, I'm still getting almost daily emails from people with comments and questions.  So I'll keep at it, refreshing the static information that is shown here, so that it stays true to the current state of the game.  Its one of the things I like about how I've set Implausible Nature up.  It is self-sufficient in that if no new blog articles are present, it is still useful to visitors.  In such a format, if I disappear for a while, this site will continue providing help to the community.  Might actually start working on my BT 201 guide again, but we'll see how motivated I become over the next few days.