Hi bro,

I chance about your site [Implausible Nature], very informative. Thanks!

I came up with a 1750 BT list for an upcoming tournament in Singapore (May), wondering if you are able to offer any advice.  I am especially undecided over items in red.
So its been awhile since my last real post, but such is life sometimes eh?  Even so, I've not been sitting around completely idle.  Been lurking around B&C primarily, with a few other blogs being on my daily reading list.  Kept up with things as best I could, and put in my two cents when it was quick and easy to do so.

In addition to that, I've gotten a few more games down under my belt testing out my Nova Open list.  It has netted me several more wins, however, it has also shown me potential issues that I may come across at the event.  These are things that need to be addressed before I travel down to Virginia.  :)
Somewhat dramatic things are happening IRL, not really willing to get into it for the time being...but its what is distracting me from providing content to you.

However, with that being said, I'll do my very best to finish up my article on fixing CC for tomorrow.  As well as answering emails by the end of the weekend.

Got some good things on tap (I hope), but I hope you understand that life will always take a front seat to Warhammer.  Until next time! 

May the Emperor guide you!  :)
Back from out of town, I can start posting actively again.  While I've been around on various forums and such, I've not been able to sit down at put more thorough articles on a page for ya'll, so I apologize.  But that changes today.

First off, I just want to let everyone know that the 2nd installment of Making CC work for the BT article series is coming shortly.  Got some good feedback and I want to build on that.  However, that is isn't want I'm here to talk about today.  It seems that drop pods need to take center stage once again.  Prompted by this discussion, I think it'll be good to refresh my position on our drop pods.  I'm not going to go into how to play the "Defensive" Drop Pod list, because I've already done an article on that here on Implausible Nature.  Nor will the discussion to follow assume that you're using my lists; simply that you're using a full FOC chart when playing an MSU army.  In addition, the article does not examine hybrid Drop Pod lists.
So I’ve been hearing more and more demands for a CC-oriented army list from me.  While I do have several on the website, I’d not consider either of them “ultra-competitive”.  My mechanized all-comers list is a well balanced list that is built to beat the majority of the armies that it comes across.  But it does have some glaring flaws that keeps it from being a tournament list.  The other list is my version of the BT heavy mech list.  It features two terminator squads in dedicated LRCs, with three crusader squads supporting them.  In addition, the list contains three Typhoons to provide long ranged fire support.  It’s a rock list that will stomp armies not prepared to deal with the onslaught of CC-oriented units bearing down on them.  Unfortunately, most balanced tournaments CAN deal with this list.  And as such, its effectiveness decreases significantly, especially with the change to our smoke launchers.

** Beware, this is a long one.  ;) **