Just a quick article to get some opinions.  I've long since stated that my Nova Open list is weaker against infantry heavy armies, as I don't have a whole lot in the way of dedicated AI.  Well, at least in the torrent of fire form. 

Well, I got to thinking about it when Stelek and Kirby wrote articles about the subject.  In Kirby's case, he took a pretty good list and lost horribly against a terrible archetype:  footdar.  So it got me thinking.  If I faced my list's real disadvantage, would I be able to beat it?  I know it'd be difficult, but I could win the battle.  However, optimistically, it'd be 50% of the time.  Which isn't great odds. 

I've noticed a trend in lists, and I'm even guilty of it.  It seems that most people are over-compensating for vehicle saturation in their lists.  While that is good if you actually face lots of vehicles, it isn't if you're playing against a highly foot-based infantry army.

So without changing the fundamental list, I looked for ways to deal with the threat of infantry based armies (specifically horde based).  The only real way that I found I could do without losing too much in the list was to change the plasmaguns in the Crusader Squads, to Flamers.

Now, I would lose a little bit of AT firepower, which could be bad against Marine or Guard armies.  But when considering the pros and cons of each, I feel that the Flamers would help cover a deficiency in my list with little loss in effectiveness or changing of tactics.

Because this site is used more as a teaching tool, I would like if you'd give me what you think the pros and cons for each setup (plasma vs flamer) are.  Then tell me which one you'd pick from your objective perspective.  Note:  I know what my list of pros and cons are, but I'm looking forward to seeing how people think.  :D

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what you think about the potential change, then I'll pipe in with my cost/benefit analysis.  But more than anything, I just want your opinions whether or you think it is a change worth making.  ;)
So by now, most of the competitive players around the world know that Tony Kupach has won Nova Open 2010 and Adepticon 2011 with his Space Wolves list.  Considering the much improved nature of this year's Adepticon and the congregation of internet blow-hards, that is pretty impressive.  It shows that the guy knows what he's doing. 

But that isn't what I'm here to talk about today.  Examining his lists, you'll find that both versions contain a few key elements that has contributed to their effectiveness.  Because I've gotten several emails regarding the matter, I thought we'd take a look and see if we can take those pieces and use them in our own BT lists.


I've recently started piecing together a crusade inspired by your website. In my reading I've noticed that you never seem to list off a full set of equipment for your crusader squads and was wondering if this was for simplicity's sake or just an omission, I know another BT player that seems to have missed this. Under the options for crusader squads in the second section of equipment (which would in normal space marine terms be the "special" weapon) you are given the option to "arm" one initiate with a melta or plasma gun, This entry does not indicate that his other equipment will be replaced (as it is in the current 5th ed SM codex), so the actual wargear of the squad you have below:
So I'll make my replies to comments/emails and blog posts when I'm able to do so.  Its much needed.  See you on the other side.  :)

Hi Laeroth,
Yea things have been almost surreal. Do you think things seem crazier than normal?

I am glad to see you back online. Ill look forwards to developments.  Looks like Black templars are in the pipe. 


I reckon this new book will be amazing. Until then, one will have to do the best they can with a very old codex. In the next year we'll see 6th edition and a new BT codex!For now.. back to the old codex and some discussion. I've got some crazy ideas, may not work, but its fun doing so.