Within the next few days, I plan on putting up most of the August update items.

Updates that I plan on making are as follows:

1) An additional "Building a 5th Edition List" article.  It will still go through all of the thought exercises that a person might go through when building a list, just like the original one did.  This time, however, a truly optimized and competitive list will be the end result.

2) Talking about Rules as Intended (RAI) and Rules as Written (RAW).  This will talk a little about the INAT FAQ, as well as some recent BT rules discussions.

3) I plan on talking a little bit about the ETC and my thoughts on the whole thing.  Stelek is done doing team list reviews on YTTH so this article might provide insight into the global 40k community.  If nothing else, it'll be a mini-rant that might be interesting to read.

4) Finally, the addition of a general 40k tactics and list building skills page.  This page is basically a storehouse of useful articles from other authors in the community, that would be beneficial to take a look at if you've not already seen them.  It is already implemented and will be updated as I come across noteworthy articles.

I also want to expand on the BT 101: Duality page, as well as the BT 101: Tips For Beating Other Armies page.  They could use a bit more explanation to really drive home the information found on those pages.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'll have enough time to do that before the 1st.  That might be a mid-month update.

Of course, all the normal continually updated items will continue to be done.  Those include battle reports, painting and modeling, and the development of my Njesta Crusade fluff.
The BT 101 guide is complete!  Well, complete enough to be used by the masses.  Of course, this will be a continually growing document for the readers of Implausible Nature so that its information stays as current and relevant as possible.

But man, sickness, death, and long nights later.  It is done!  It makes me happy.  This is by no means the end though!  Expect random additions to the guide as time goes by.  I already have another "Building a 5th Edition List" page planned, as well as expanding on my "Tips for Beating Other Armies" page.

I'd love to hear your critiques, questions, comments, and suggestions for this massive tomb of Black Templars information.  I will definitely take everything into consideration!  Thanks once again for everyone's patience while I spent the time necessary make this a quality guide.  Hope you enjoy reading it!

For the Emperor!
Everyone loves a bit of drama, whether or not they're willing to admit it.  Even if all they are doing is reading it.  Well, we had yet another rules discussion over on B&C regarding one of the Black Templars special rules: "Kill Them All."

The original poster of the topic mentioned that there was contention in his local gaming group whether or not to use the rule.  He then goes on to say that he wanted all of our opinions and to give reasons why.  So we did.  Most people agreed with my argument, but some did not.  And it produced quite the "discussion".  lol!

I plan on talking about this thread, my arguments, and their counter-arguments in a post sometime in the next couple days.  I think its an important discussion regarding RAW (Rules as Written), RAI (Rules as Intended), INAT, and GW FAQ rulings.  You'll just have to wait until I post up Part Four of the BT 101 section though, as its nearly finished and on schedule for completion this evening.  :)
Part Three in the Black Templars 101 series has been posted.  Thanks for you patience!  As always, I'd love to hear from you regarding each section.

Part Four will likely be posted sometime this evening as well, tomorrow night at the very latest.  In the meantime, it will be visible to the public and will be signified by a "in progress" marking until it is finished.  You are free to view the available material there, but remember its not finished.  I'll update it frequently over the course of the next day or so.

Apologies to Syphon Kai, Hotspur, Amodeus, Jon L, and everyone else for the delays.
Well, some of you guys might be wondering what the heck happened to me and why haven't I finished A) BT 101 like I said I was going to be a long time ago, B) Why I haven't updated in awhile, and C) I've not put up my noted articles for this month.

There are some good reasons for it, some exciting and good...others not so much.  As those that follow this site might have read, I had an extended funeral to attend out-of-state that ate up almost a week of my time.  Once I returned, I had to put in extra hours at work to make up for the time I missed out on so I wouldn't get behind on the bills.  Because of that, I came down with a bug that quickly turned nasty and ended up getting pneumonia.  Long story short, several weeks later and lots of drugs, I'm finally starting to get over it.  I've not had the motivation to do ANYTHING with the site the past 2-3 weeks because of this, so I apologize.

I also had the opportunity to visit my family in my hometown across the state for a few days where I had intended to do some updating, but ended up enjoying myself perhaps a bit too much.  lol!  It was a good trip, and definitely needed (even though I was still sick up there) the rest. 

Coming back, I was given a tip about a job at a local police department from a classmate, so I applied.  I got a call back, tested, and went through two different interviews.  I'm feeling quite optimistic regarding my chances at getting this job, as there are normally only a handful of people who end up being interviewed a 2nd time.  Wish me luck!

Whatever happens with that, I plan on getting up the rest of these updates in the next couple days.  Even though I've been extremely busy/sick recently, I've not been timely with my updates the past couple months as I should have been. and I'm going to do my best to correct that issue.  I appreciate all the patience you'll have been giving me, and I hope that new players find my BT 101 to be informative and helpful.  Thanks again for checking out this site!  :D