Its been a week and no real new content.  Sorry about that!  Busy week!  Which was topped off with me being a bit under-the-weather.  Let's hope the worst is past.  Spent a goodly amount of time answering emails during that time though, though I still have a great deal left.  Been playing 6th Edition a bit more, as well as building and painting up my Nova Open list.  MVBrandt got the FAQ out, and there was nothing that was terribly crushing to my army, so I'm just going to go with what I have.  FINALLY got all of my Forge World stuff the other day (*insert rant about having to reshape all of the resin*), so I've spent a good deal of time the past couple days assembling and painting the IG portions of my army.  I opted to go with a simple desert-camo look for them, with hostile environment suits.  That will fit well with my self-imposed modeling habit of not using marines without their helmets.  Fortunately, they required much less detail work than my BT do so they should take little to no time to paint.

As Algesan noted, the only real concern is its ability to "claim" Table Quarters since I don't have jumbo-sized squads worth a whole lot of points to eat quarters.  I'll do some playtesting to see whether or not putting one my my Veteran squads inside the Valkyrie for late game Flyer/Troop shenanigans is worth-while.  I wanted to fit in the Veteran Autocannons that MVB suggested, but I couldn't figure out a good way squeeze the points and no one really offered up a suggestion.  So, I'll probably just keep it as is.

Next up, I'm going to be continuing our codex review here in the next couple of days, starting with the Transports.  This section is going to merge a little bit with Heavy Support, as I'm going to be lumping Land Raider Crusader into the Transport section as opposed to the Heavy Support.  EDIT:  Decided against this.  This will also be my "reply" to the B&C thread regarding transports, specifically regarding the value of the LRC.

One thing I want to mention, and I haven't gotten a chance to really dig into it yet here on the blog, is how our armies have changed.  5th Edition is over folks.  Unfortunately, 6th Edition is rather harsh to our good lists in the previous edition.  Adjusting is going to take some time, but one thing is for certain:  what was good in 5th Edition does not mean its good in 6th Edition.  You'll be seeing lots more hybrid lists, a slight fall in the number of vehicles (non-flyers), and a good deal of Allies.  Including for us.  I don't buy into that extra "tax" of needing another HQ unit.  Why?  Because more times than not, that allied HQ unit is something that I'd happily spend points on in an Elites/Fast Attack/Heavy Support slot.  And they are usually pretty cheap, with great value (i.e. IG HQs) or unlock nice combos (i.e. SM Biker Captains).  It doesn't have to be a bad thing and I hope to prove as such at Nova.

Another thing to note.  Close combat is very much alive.  Its stupid how good some of our units have gotten in their CC roles.  Most are not meant to plow through everything in your opponent's list, but that is perfectly okay.  Strategic charges can, and will, break your opponent's game plan quickly.  And our Terminators CAN decimate everything in our opponent's list.  Just saying.  ;)

Anyway, expect to see a few more emails posted up, as well as the review here shortly.  I also plan to get WIP pics up for ya'll, as I'm going at a pretty good clip for painting.  I don't want to have another Nova Open 2011 episode where I'm finishing my painting the night before.  :P
So after doing some looking around and thinking a little bit about BT Drop Pods, I had some thoughts and gleaned some ideas that need refining.

First, I think that we can make BT Drop Pods work because of the improved reserves rolls.  I'm going to keep this short, cause I'm pretty tired.  Basically, it involves using Allies.

  • Pedro Kantor
  • Sternguard in a drop pod -- teleport homer
  • Allied Tact squad in drop pod
  • Stormtalon possible?
  • BT uses drop pods as well.
  • Chaplain-led Terminator squad (Assault Cannons)

So that is the basic outline.  Doesn't have to be exactly like thus, but its a starting point.  I'll sleep on it.  :P

As per Algesan:

"EDIT:  This is a rant to blow off steam.  Remember that when you read it.

For now at least.  I'm not touching the stuff until I see the FAQ and see how much I enjoy the screwing we are all going to receive.  Yes, most of it will be fair or at least something that can be worked around, but this is turning into a damned money and time pit. 

You know, I might just be a "scrub" and not worthy of competing on the top tables.  It might be a pure talent issue, but it definitely is a time issue.  I cannot go out and play multiple games of 40k most days of the week.  Which means the more I have to change my list and play style, the less capable of having any shot at the top tables I'll be.  Which means being biased towards the "scrub" tables anyway. 

I'm not in this for the money (although it would be nice), I'm not in this for the glory (yes, that is nice too), I'm in this to test myself.  I'm not in this to tie one or more limbs behind my back (or have them tied there for me by having to learn how to play a list on the fly because I cannot finalize the thing until two weeks or less before the tournament and maybe get two games with to playtest).  All of which means that I don't give a flip if "even the guys in the 0-4 bracket have something to compete for".  For most of the last 9-10 months, I've maintained fairly close to a 3-1 win/draw vs loss rate.  Which means if I go 0-4, 1-3 or maybe even 2-2, I'll probably be polite, but hope you draw my name if you are in those brackets at NOVA for the first two rounds of the second set, because I'll probably walk to the table, shake your hand, congratulate you on your win, fill out the paperwork with you and then go do something else. 

The problem is, I have put in a lot of my time, including time taken away from other things that might have needed it, to prepare for NOVA.  As much as others?  No, which is why I can figure I'm not going to go 8-0 and 6-2 would probably be great.  However, it was the time I could budget and I gave all I could to it.  Of course, as long as NOVA gets to brag about being the first 6th Ed GT (which nobody will care about in a few years anyway) rather than the last stand of 5th, then we should all sit around and sing Kum-By-Yah and give it our all for the cause, right?

Oh, there will be a pretty face put on it all no matter what, but I think if Mike thought last year's explosion was bad, then this year is going to be worse.  Especially since I've already gotten hints of NOVA FAQ rulings which are not going to be in line with what I think GW will rule.  True, I think most of the NOVA FAQ rulings will be spot on, but I've seen a couple of snap calls and use of flawed logic to make rulings that will make some builds a lot stronger.  Oh wait, the NOVA terrain meta last year did the same thing didn't it?"

I agree with parts of this post, so I thought I'd draw some attention to it.  The main thing that I wanted to note is the absolute importance of getting a FAQ released soon.  Algesan mentioned why this is important, as a great many of us are spending huge chunks of time and money to attend this event.  6th Edition was released only 3 weeks ago.  I understood the desire to be the first major 6th Edition tournament, but it has created a huge work-load for the Nova Open staff.  And time is running out very quickly.  There is only 35 days left until the event.  Some of us still need time to paint and play-test our armies.  ;)

However, I need to be fair to Mike and his staff.  Throughout the year, they have put thousands of hours into setting up the event, as well as tens of thousands of dollars in front-end financial costs.  No matter your feelings on the event, you have to appreciate the work that Tournament Organizers put in to put on such large-scale events.  No one is perfect, but they are doing their best to create the best event as possible for us.


Hey Laeroth! Firstly, I wanted to say that Implausible Nature is a wonderful resource that has taught me almost everything I know about competitive gaming and Black Templar. So, I've been on the fence about my BT for awhile, but I think the reward for being hipster and playing the oldest dex is worth making them my main army.Well, and the fact that I get a warm feeling in my chest when I think about how much of a bad ass chapter they are! So, I'm trying to figure out a 1500 point list to work with. You write a lot of 2k, but I understand that you can't always just scale down lists (not to mention most of your 2k have relied on allies, and you can't really use 'em at 1,500). So I just kinda winged it using my knowledge of 6th, BT, and your teachings.

Continuing the multiple post day, let's get this one out of the way too.  Its going to be shorter, as its basically me posting up a list.  For a long time I was considering this list as the one I wanted to go with at Nova Open, but after thinking about it for a while, I didn't feel "safe" enough.  One very aggressive Troop unit, that would likely end up dying in the end.  I also had a sit and chill shooty Crusader squad, and two Plasma Vet squads who advanced forward.  Would it be enough?  I decided that it wouldn't be, at least at Nova.  My troops were too "fragile".

Hello everyone!  Its been a very busy week for me, as you likely have noticed the lack of comments and articles from me.  Now that its the weekend, and I actually have two days off in a row, I can catch up!  So its comment and email day.  Also have to make my reply regarding Land Raiders on B&C.  Anyway, let the games begin!  Expect a few of these today!  ;)

Ah, yes.  Unit analysis.  This is going to be something I've wanted to do for a good while now, but never really took the time because everyone and their mom was doing it.  Not only that, the codex was at a point in 5th Edition where it would have been largely meaningless, as most everyone was already on the "same" level.  At least as far as analysis goes.  But now, with a completely new edition and everyone still trying to find their way, it sounds like a perfect time to get this done.

I'm going to do each section in little parts, starting with the HQ's and then working my way down.  As I typically write my articles on the fly and then go back to edit them later to add/subtract stuff, I don't know how much will be mentioned for each unit.  We'll see as time goes on.  Feel free to pipe in!  You might bring up something I missed or forgot about, so then I'll be able to have a more complete analysis.  :)

Got emails, comments, and new posts to catch up on.  But it'll be tomorrow.  I'm exhausted after a very busy couple of days.

I pretty much decided on this list and I just threw down the $300 for the stuff I don't have.  Now to decide on a paint scheme for those Njesta PDFs...

EDIT:  Look for the first section of unit analysis on July 14th!  :)
As with most lists out there, things are getting tweaked for the new edition.  One commonly requested build is the Blackwing.  I can't say I'm surprised...who doesn't like fielding 25 terminators on the board?  I was worried that we'd lose our special rules in a FAQ, but alas, they remain!  Not only that, with a slight change, they are even better.  Let's take a look!  ;)

So I've gotten about 10 games under my belt now in 6th Edition and I'm starting to see little patterns develop.  Nothing mind-bending, or terrible, mind you.  Just little things that we'll need to either watch carefully or take full advantage of going forward.  I'll be getting into those things as time goes on.

This update, however, is simply to notify those that have emailed about me contacting Games Workshop...I have done so this morning.  I was pretty thorough and we'll see if any of this makes an impression.  I talked about needed FAQ clarifications (about a dozen right now), the state of the Black Templars (rules/fluff), and how we perceive the company feels about the Black Templars.  I'll let you guys know if I get a legitimate, non-corporate speak response.  But more likely, we'll at least get some clarifications done in a revised FAQ.

Next, please note that the BT 101 guide will be slowly updated as I have the time to do so.  For the time being, more time will be spent updating my lists and doing analysis via the blog.  However, as I put the finishing touches on the guide, I'll let you know.

Lastly, I'd like to know what you'd like to see first?  More lists?  Analysis on our units and/or rules?  How we build effective armies in the new edition?  Something else?  Let me know.  There is lots to talk about, but I'd rather start with stuff that people want first.  ;)