A note to all:  If you've bookmarked this site (and I thank you kindly for it!), please update to the new Implausible Nature URL .  A real url has been long overdue and I'm happy to finally have purchased one for this site.  Lets hope that this site flourishes!  Thanks much for your support!  :D

Unfortunately, this last month has been out-of-my-mind crazy busy for me.  Doing some re-painting of all of the rooms in the house, along with pulling nearly 40 hour work weeks with a full time class schedule (17 credits) at the University.  I've found that I've had barely any time to think, let alone update my site.  :(

But alas, I've got a free evening tonight after this morning's work shift.  So I'll be putting up the Nid codex review (as its nearly done), some additional pics of my Black Templars painting, and hopefully post up some current tactics for use with the Black Templars by Monday night.  I'll also try and get up the battle report for a game I played against a Space Marine Kantor list.

I've also decided to stick with the Dark Eldar.  They're starting to get a few new kits being produced over at GW (Ravager) so I'm hopeful that a summer-fall release date will happen.  I should be completely done with my BT army by then and it'll be nice to get my hands on some new toys.  There is also talk of the BT being re-released before the end of the year as well, so should be pretty exciting year for me!  :)


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