Ah, yes.  Come closer my pretties.  Sit down and relax.  I'll take real good care of you.  All you have to do is listen to everything I say, then live and breathe it as your own.  Without me, you are lost and I shall not let my flock fall into such a terrible existence!

We all know the type.  The pretentious and/or arrogant player who acts like they know everything there is to know about the game or army in which they play.  Who is, more times than not, very outspoken and forceful in their distribution of information.  Most of the time, these players are bloggers in the online wargaming community, but they can also be found at the personal level.

Wait a second.  Many of you are probably thinking that I'm describing myself aren't I?  Ha!  Good.  You're following along.  While I certainly would disagree with that statement, everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is why we're here today.

Quality of information is very important.  In a time of the internet and vast resources for everything and anything you'd ever want, we have to be very careful about what we use.  Just because its online, doesn't mean it is right.  There are a lot of resources out there and much fewer that contain quality information.  Such that if a person follows the advice found on those poor quality resources, they may set themselves down a path of failure.  It is difficult to know what is quality or not, so you need to stay focused and not get tunnel vision.

What do I mean by this?  While I can claim that what I say is "The Word" and nothing else matters (*sarcasm*), everything is stated based on my perspective on the game.  It comes from my experiences, what I've learned from my research and gaming, who I've talked to, and what I've read.  It is the same for other players who give advice.  But that does not mean that it needs to be your perspective as well.

While I will admit that I consider myself an authority on the Black Templars, however, I won't make any misguided allusions to claim that I am The Authority.  I most certainly present my material in a way that makes you believe that what I'm saying is true.  But I want everyone that reads Implausible Nature to know what I say is true because they have checked their facts, not because I said it was.  Sometimes I'm wrong too!  I don't shove my ideas down your throat for this very reason.

And this goes for all of the resources out there in our gaming community.  While a hobby-oriented website or blog might take little time to determine its level of quality (due to the prevalence of pictures and/or videos), a tactics driven site is not such an easy task.  So what do you do?  The best advice that I can give you is to cross-reference your material.  Do your own research and find places that talk about the subject you're focused on.  Don't focus too much attention on one place just yet, but do put your feelers out.  Forums can be one of the biggest traps out there for tactical advice, so be very weary of them until you know there is someone there who knows their stuff.  Just because many people say something is right, it doesn't mean they are!  You cannot believe everything you read out there.

So now you've got a list of places that you've been following for a little while and you've digested most of what they've said.  How do you decipher what is good or bad?  The easiest place to start is to throw out all the resources that don't actually explain what they are doing and why they made the choices they have.  They might be good for comparison sake, but you might not know the fundamental information yet.  Next, take the websites/blogs/forums that give conflicting information and analyze the arguments presented.  Are those arguments properly supported?  How do those arguments stack up next to other resources?  Once you have done all of this, make up your own mind!

What?  Make up my own mind?  Yep!  The goal is to create free-thinking individuals.  Decide for yourself what to use from these resources.  It is up to each person to find out for themselves what is quality or not.  Maybe one place is an amazing source of information and you can rely on it to give solid advice all the time.  But that doesn't mean you need to lose your individuality, voice, or mind.  You are part of this community as well, so comment, send emails, and engage in conversation.  Let yourself be heard and be smart about what advice you choose to listen to! 

The only one who can be blamed for the choices you make in this hobby, is you.  Arm yourselves well for the journey!  ;)


08/01/2011 9:04am

What! Marshal Laeroth is not the prophet of Dorn and the Emperor?! But, but, I have so slavishly followed...errr, well except for the little heterodoxy on the subject of deep strike vs drop pods in the list, but otherwise, I'm really a "true believer" in all things Black Templar as promoted by Marshal Laeroth.

Ummm, well, yes, using FC Assault Terminators as primarily a blocking and threat unit instead of buying the LRC to make it the centerpiece smash face CC core of the army is a bit close to the heretical line, but really, it isn't, it is just a different perspective.

Actually, my method is a bit different than the one you suggested, I vacuum up every bit of information I can get and then start parsing it out to eliminate the silly and stupid. It also points me towards other places for more research. It is also why I'm 2-0 with several unresolved in my disputes with the "rules elders" on the B&C official forums. I've actually got one rule I almost hope GW doesn't clarify since I've exploited it several times, although with BT it is much harder to do than it was with my Sisters lists.

Speaking of which, I need to fix a common rules problem for the upcoming local 'Ard Boyz about multiple unit assaults. I've exploited that one too, but it isn't one you can control so it can be used against me easily.

08/02/2011 9:00am

What is good or bad? One mans meat is anothers poison. And vice versa. Can everyone expect to be entertained by the vocabulary of a poet? Can everyone people dressed for cabaret at the Ritz be satisfied by the cheapest kebab meal there is?

I agree there is alot of poor quality information out there. But I would not say its bad, rather, its about mis information and mis education. Its a mixture of personalities, susceptibilities, constitutions, environmental determinism and social conformity. On a collective level people have after all not been encouraged to think independently and despite us in the west living in democracy people are still very much suppressed as to their true identity and real thoughts about things.

Its true when one says there is only a very small minority of free thinkers out there. But it is changing, gradually, and without recourse.

But not everyone is like that, I mean, there are people dedicating their lives to spam mail after all. One does need to be careful especially if investing on this knowledge.

Some people are very entrenched in their own view points, even when the truth is shown. For example when Galileo showed the world was round alot of people still wanted to believe the world was flat.

As a painter and an artist I can only speak from my experience and level but I do not think authority in this realm comes only from knowledge, or well strung arguments. Why? Even at the highest level of art people are subjective. Judges differ on opinions and what is the best one year is not the other. I am saying that the tangibility and foundations of their authority could seem more likened to a weather forecast,which will shift and change unpredictably with the new moons.

08/02/2011 3:38pm

@ Algesan

The Emprah says that if you don't listen to me, then the Universe is Doomzed! ;)

Aye, this article was basically meant to present a simple wake-up call to those that took whatever resource they read first to heart (even if its me). Research is absolutely essential. How you decipher what information to use is up to that person and I suspect each person will have their own way. Its just important that you check the facts. :D

Which rule are you specifically referring to?

@ Lucion

Yep, you are absolutely correct. My favorite "bread and butter" may not be someone else's. Wargaming is very subjective on many counts, but on occasions, there are some absolutes that fall into place. These primarily have to do with the competitiveness of units and how they work in an army together. For example, one cannot claim that the humble bolter is a good anti-tank weapon and be right.

I used the absolutes "good and bad" because its the easiest to convey. It is an exaggerated description much of the time because often those "bad" things are very close to being "good" with some slight changes. So yes, I would say it is a little bit of the mis-education/mis-information playing into it.

08/02/2011 11:25pm

To exploit? Fearless in melee. Stick a small squad to tag two enemy units, one tough, one squishy. Tough/squishy may be a minor difference and tagging more units works two.

The idea is to pile in on "squishy" while giving "tough" less wounds to deal than it can. If only two models exist in the unit in B2B with the "tough" unit, then even if it can do a zillion wounds, it can only do two wounds. Which means if "squishy" takes three or more wounds you just scored extra freebie wounds on the "tough" unit.

Now, tag two "tough" units the same way instead of just one...

Difficult to set up, but if you do, then it can be darn well worth it.

The sentence in the No Retreat rules can be read as either each Fearless unit takes the wounds or all the Fearless units split the wounds up. Primary definition is that they split them up.

Why an "exploit" since several guides actually recommend something similar as a way of dealing with MC? Because I have set it up on purpose for multiple MC at the same time. It especially works real well for the S3/T3 crowd, but I did it with BT vs 'Nids one game and managed to inflict three or four extra armor saves on four 'Nid units. It was like having extra Crusader squads hitting each 'Nid unit.


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