This post is going to be more update oriented, than anything.  Couple things that need mentioning before I begin.

First, thanks for the kind words in my last post regarding the family emergency.  It wasn't mine, but rather, my girlfriend's family who it referenced.  Unfortunately, her parent's died in a car crash (not their fault...texting teenage girl ran a stop light) on the night before SourceCon.  So I had to fly out and help take care of all of the funeral arrangements.  She's been a wreck, understandably, so my time has been devoted to her.  And will continue to be, so understand that in advance.  If there is a silver-lining in this (pretty hard when her both her parents were taken from her), its that we've gotten much closer.  Anyway, time to jump back into things.

I've gotten numerous emails and questions regarding 6th Edition.  No, I'm going to comment on it until the rules are in my hands.  I am aware of the general situation (including the AP value to close combat weapons), but to be quite frank, I've not been following the full onslaught of rumors.  However, once I do get a hold of the official 6th Edition rules, I will be doing another BT 101 guide.  Of course, there will have to be play-testing time before anything is set in stone.  So yes, you can come to Implausible Nature for some tough-love and competitive advice in the future.

Next, though it's a little late in the game, my "Building a 5th Edition" gunline list needs updating.  Simply because I cannot predict the amount of BLOS terrain on a person's board.  If there is a lot, then a player is worse off using the "original" list.  If there isn't much, then they dominate.  Its better to go with a happier medium, which is my current 2k list.  Besides which, it really is only a minor update, so there isn't much to lose by doing it.  I won't really mess around with the other lists, purely due to the fact that 6th Edition is so close to being released.

Finally, expect a new post in the next day or so regarding...things.  Another reality check for the Black Templars, so to speak.  Oh, and those of you with outstanding emails, I should be getting back to you shortly.  As I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, I've been busy.  :'(


06/06/2012 2:12pm

Two squads of Terminators and three pairs of Typhoon Speeders. Plenty of firepower and the first item can slog out in the open if need be to get a shot and the second item can scream around the terrain edges to find shots. Yes, I would love to be able to have lots of single shots to spread around, but not in this edition.

You also need something that can dish out some punishment in CC or at the least, survive it for a bit.

Yes, I'm harping again, but until the basic structure of our codex is rewritten to bring it in line with the new edition, our options (other than for fun) are limited.

06/06/2012 7:52pm

I think that moving forward, for the next month or so, that will continue. After 6th Edition (so I'm going to amend myself a little bit and talk about something specific in 6th Edition...assault) is released, that may not necessarily be the case. I think our "core" might change slightly. But of course, I'll discuss why I say that hopefully tomorrow.

6th Edition is going to change things, that is for sure. Any last lingering doubts people have about us being a close combat army are going to die out in a whimper. On top of that, expect Preferred Enemy to change. Just sayin'.

06/08/2012 12:25am

By lingering doubts dying do you mean we're just not going to be close combat oriented?

If not, what's the point of our beloved Templars (other than fluff)?

06/08/2012 5:16pm

"By lingering doubts dying do you mean we're just not going to be close combat oriented?

If not, what's the point of our beloved Templars (other than fluff)?"

You are correct, in a way. We won't be able to compete whatsoever in close combat with our Crusaders/Command Squads/Sword Brethren at all. At least before, we could do it marginally efficient if simply using a small, counter-attack unit with a power weapon/meltagun. Now, with the changes to close combat weapons (giving them AP values), we're really going to have some trouble against MEQ armies, especially those with lots of terminators. However, the same can be said for us. Terminators will be front and center for our armies, changing how many of us run our builds. Do I think my current lists will be outdated? Most of them not, especially my "Hybrid" list. But any list that concentrates on CC will REALLY be in a hurt bag now, whereas in 5th Edition, you just put yourself at a strong disadvantage.

If you play competitively (or even casually), the point is to win. We're two editions behind, scraping by on fumes. Adapt and conquer is our new motto. Once more, I think we'll be just fine. We've got options for our lists that, again, takes advantage of our age. While it'd be nice to get some love from GW and actually get our book published (if it stays the same, BT will be the premiere army). But until then, we just have to truck forward. Those of us who play the Black Templars play them because we like the look, feel, and theme of the army. The style of the list isn't as important. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. ;)

06/10/2012 10:00pm

Well, with GW "going digital" and given that 6th edition is hitting distributors for release, the promise may just be kept to give all the codices a serious FAQ fix up to 6th. Hopefully with a lot more thought that our 5th edition FAQ and the SoB WD crapdex did. I probably could have spent one day on our FAQ and realigned it into something better rather than using the "savings" on our Typhoon Speeders to pay for the other overpriced vehicles. Little details like grenades, Bolter/BP/CCW combos, better special + heavy weapon setup and, for the love of God, Sword Brethren who actually have two attacks base.

08/16/2012 2:16am

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