Got emails, comments, and new posts to catch up on.  But it'll be tomorrow.  I'm exhausted after a very busy couple of days.

I pretty much decided on this list and I just threw down the $300 for the stuff I don't have.  Now to decide on a paint scheme for those Njesta PDFs...

EDIT:  Look for the first section of unit analysis on July 14th!  :)


07/12/2012 11:29pm

Hmm, that is an interesting list, I hadn't noticed the change to the Vendetta. Ahh, I see a few tweaks I might do, but given the way you plan to run that list, it is a toss up. Part of my issues was the points for the IG group. After messing with it, I like Heavy Weapon Squads more and more. Mortars are general purpose (sniping & popping stuff you cannot see) but disposable. What struck me the most was upgrading them to Lascannons or Lascannons & ML if they get Flakk. Since they become more rear area scoring units I leave them with the IG commander to use his "Bring It Down" & "Fire On My Target" orders, which gives you twin linked or forces rerolls on cover saves depending on which you give. You must to the IG platoon route to get them though, which has its disadvantages.

I'm assuming you considered dropping down to a Reclusiarch, saving the 5 points by putting him in Terminator armor (you would have to kick one of the troop models out) and/or letting the EC lead the LRC squad and putting the Chaplain in charge of a THDC Command Squad (even with the SS on the Sgt it saves 28 points off a Elite THDC).

07/13/2012 9:19pm

Actually, the Terminator Chappy was a consideration. But in the end, I opted to go for the artificer armor because I didn't like that it prevented me from doing Sweeping Advances. I wouldn't have bought a Command Squad for him because I need him to give the big squad its rerolls. The Terminator squads don't really need them all that much. They won't take down dedicated CC units, but they will kill other things easily enough.

I did try out a IG platoon, but in the end, I decided it was way too many points for what I needed out of the unit. Getting melta in that squad is a pain in the ass and would force me to play "Musical Chimeras". To make it work, I would have to sacrifice too much on the BT side of things. :(

07/13/2012 10:26pm

Tell me about it. The closest I got to a BT list I could live with ended up with IG Cmd Squad, Plt Cmd, 2xInf, 1xHSW-LC + Aegis for 385 points. Depending on the board, they either would be defending the Aegis line or if I used it as a fort, the Cmd squad, HWS plus one Inf Squad hold that while the Plt Cmd + second Inf squad would go for the second objective. Noting but pure holding forces.

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