Okay.  So I survived the packing of all of my stuff (and donating of the rest), driving across the country to my new home with my girlfriend, and readjusting to my new place of employment. That by itself has been exceptionally draining over the past month and a half.  Adjusting to my new life in general has been taking up a vast majority of my time, but if that were not the case, I had other complications that kept me from getting back online and posting.  Short story?  My laptop (what I use for everything) passed out of this world shortly after I made that last blog entry.  Not having a computer obviously prevents me from posting a whole lot.  

I know ya'll have been emailing.  I know there have been comments.  I can see it on my smart phone.  Hell, I can even technically edit the website/blog on my phone with an app.  Problem is, its super tedious to write long drawn out articles (pretty much all I do) on a phone.  It'll probably be a few months until I can replace my computer, because a lot of my extra $$ got sucked up in the move/Christmas.  Fortunately, my wonderful girlfriend is kind enough to lend me her laptop on occasion going forward, until I can replace mine.  Nevertheless, I've been watching somewhat.  You might have even noticed me hitting up Twitter the past couple of days.  I'm glad to see that there was some response!  Got some feedback, which was really important, because I'm behind the times with my lack of internet and no game store in the near vicinity (closest that I can tell is an 1.5 hours away).

Which brings me to my next topic:  I need information.  I'm definitely starting the BT 101, probably as early as this weekend, but its going to have to be free of anything ally related for now because I have not even seen the new Sisters of Battle codex, the Inquisitors supplement, or any of these handy dandy dataslates I am hearing about.  Doesn't help that I don't have a tablet to download these things.  Any info on them any of you can spare, would be appreciated. Specifically in regards to the Inquisitors.  Other than that, good to be back on the horse and settled.  Let's get this BT 101 going, shall we?
Hey everyone.  Just wanting to give you an update on why there hasn't been many updates lately.  Gonna be short and sweet.  I've been packing and preparing for my move across the country the past few weeks.  I'll be back posting early next week!  Got lots to do and to say.  And most importantly...BT 101!  :P
First off, the challenge I mentioned a couple of posts ago is still coming.  I became somewhat busy in the last week and I've not been able to touch anything 40k during that time.  But my schedule has cleared up again, so I'm getting back on it.  Prior to that though, I hadn't come up with a list I liked and the lists that I was helping Firepower with ended up being a list I liked a lot.  So...he may beat me, even if he did steal my idea.  But we'll get to that soon. 

Anyway, the following is another of the many lists I've developed since the codex has been released.  This one is actually a mix of a bunch of different themes, but in particular, the ability for us to take large Crusader squads and put them in a Land Raider Crusader for some hefty protection.  I also take advantage of "Accept Any Challenge" with characters in several CC-oriented squads.

Early this morning, Implausible Nature reached its first big milestone:  1 million unique visitor hits (close to 10 million hits total).  That is awesome!  I never would have believed that IN would become as popular as it has, but I am super grateful that it is.  We've grown so much as a community, despite all of our bumps and bruises, but we still moved forward and crusaded on.  Its a tough place we're in now, but I know that we will get through it.

Thanks once again for reading, participating, emailing, and in general, supporting what I've tried to do here.  It means a lot for both myself and the community.  :)
As many of you guys know, one of my pride and joy lists in 5th Edition was the Defensive Drop Pod list that I semi-popularized with its finesse and manipulation tactics.  It was extremely proficient and saw very, very few losses after the list was finalized.  After much deliberation, tweaking, optimizing, and a whole lot of caffeine...its back.  The DDP in 6th Edition has once again arrived to the Black Templars.  Enjoy.  ;)

Got my head at least partially on straight, so time to get back on the horse and continue the analysis of our codex.  I'm going to continue with the troops, again because they are the bread and butter of our codex.  They are the most important units we can take, as they fulfill the all important scoring requirements in 6th Edition.  So next up are scout squads.  We did get some fluff expansions for the Black Templars in the way of scouts (henceforth called neophytes), which essentially stated that it only made sense for the mentor initiates of the Black Templars to allow their protege neophytes to take on missions, by themselves, to perform some crucial task for the good of the crusade.  I like the fact that they allowed for this possibility.

I'd like to hear your experiences with them.  With any armaments that you may have used.  What was your opponent playing (codex/allies and basic list build)?  How did you use them?  What worked?  What didn't?  What would you do differently, if anything?

Thanks in advance.  :)
Something has happened IRL for me that is going to take a lot of my mental, emotional, and physical attention.  I will try to still put out content and reply to things during this time, but I may need the time for recovery.  I cannot say.  Its a bit of a blow for me and it really hasn't hit me yet.

Anyway, just letting you know that there might be a small hiccup for a few days while I deal with this stuff.  Yes, I know there are comments and concerns about the lists I posted a few days ago.  I'll address them soonish.  They were never meant to be final drafts, rather a first draft.  :P
So I spent the majority of the day building lists using our new codex.  Some frustrations, some jumping for joys.  There is so much I want to put into the list, but it simply can't all fit.  I'll just post up two of the scarier ones that I made...ones that I would very much not want to face myself.  Feel free to comment on them.  :P

Hello everyone.  I thought about how I wanted to start off our "new" look analysis and decided that I would rather go unit by unit over time, rather than skimp on the analysis by doing groups.  It also makes it easier to read and digest, as they won't be novel lengths.  I'm going to start with the most important unit of them all, since we need them in every list we take:  the Crusader squad.  So let's get this show on the road, shall we?